Faceplates & Paralell LCD


New member
I wanted to know if the DBB632LG mounting bracket (for the 632) would work with the CFAH1602A-AGB-JP 16X2 Amber Backlit LCD? If not, does anyone know of any other options to mount it to a 51/4 bay? I have the plates saved from my case, but I just have no clue of what type of mounting holes/brackets it has.
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CF Tech

The 632 bracket would not fit very well with any of the CFAH series. The closest would be the CFAH2002A series, but it is not very close at all.

Best bet is to just "Dremel" one of your blank faceplates, then use an adhesive (a tiny bit of silicone sealer works well and can still be removed in a pinch) to mount the LCD behind the hole in the plate.

You can also use this same technique to put the display in about any plastic portion of your case.