"error retriving PHD object names


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I am getting this error when trying to access Performance Info:

"Error retrieving PHD object names"

I have removed the USB driver and 1.07 Crystal Control software, rebooted reinstalled, rebooted again with no change.

I have also tried the v1.06 CC software, all the same problems

Windows XP SP2


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CF Mark

Ah, ok.
Well its a problem with CC trying to get the list of names of the NT Performance Counters.
So, i gather this occours when you Add or Configure a screen?

From the start menu, try running "perfmon".
There will be a + on the tool bar, click that.
In the dialog that comes up, is there a list of avaliable counters?

CF Mark

So thats not working either?

Hmmm, looks like your XP install has some problems.
Nothing to do with CrystalControl.

NT Perfmon is a strange & complex beast.
I wouldnt know where to sugest looking to fix it :(


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Download this (says its for 2000 but works under XP fine)

Get that application
Install it.
Goto X:\Program Files\Resource Kit and run exctrlst.exe (X = whatever drive you installed it on)
look in that list for:
for each one check the box below them "Perfomance Counters Enabled"

I'm thinking its PerfProc but having them all on doesn't hurt a thing.

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