epson module


New member
Hi again. I have found a module that I think I can get working as a first try at lcd's. It is an epson. The sticker on it says ECM-AO297. It has 4 IC's that are controller IC's. There is 1 sed1191f and 3 sed1181f. It is a ccfl backlight and I have the inverter for it. The window size on the front is approx 1-7/16 high x 3-7/8"wide. The connector on it has 10 wires and the 1st one is red(assume Vcc), so that leaves me ground and 9 input lines? I will be able to post a pic if this isn't enough info, but I haven't found any connection for these controller IC's. Can anyone help me identify this module and point me toward a connection diagram? Thanks.
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