Enhanced Histogram feature wishlist


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I problably make my self the most hated person by wishing for this, but some one's got to do it... :D

Here it comes.
If you set scroll_time=1500 you get a new bar every 1.5 second. Everything that happens in between two bars is not taken into account. Say you have a histogram over CPU usage and have scroll time of 1.5 sec. Bar x is 0 of height because at time t the cpu usage was 0, then for 1 second the cpu works at 100% and then goes back to 0% usage. Now Bar x+1 as well is of height 0 because at the time t+1.5 the cpu usage was 0%.

My wish is an option i.e. bar_average=0/1 to set if you would like the current behaviour (bar_average=0) or if the histogram plugin should calculate the average of sums of values in between and use that for the next bar (bar_average=1).
I am very aware of that this wish is easy to describe and can be hell to implement. ;) Therefore, if it is easy to implement go ahead and do it, but if it isn't, then put it last onto your to-do list. This feature would be nice but not highly prioritized as the current behaviour is acceptable. :)

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Why use histograms? Particularly if you want fast response. Use the horizontal bargraphs.

Much more responsive, gives more informative real-time info, and just looks better (to me, anyway;) ).



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Sorry, I didn't mention it. I have the current value displayed and the histogram after like this.
CPU NNN% <histogram>
MEM NNN% <histogram>



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Errr... It seems that I must have been drunk the last time... ;)

The histogram IS averaged in between the bars no matter the update time (scoll_time). So all of you that might have been worried by this thread, I apologize.
I've just run a more extensive test with cpustres.exe to verify my mistake.

Sorry guys to have been wasted your time, bandwidth and hard disk space...
...who am I kidding, you know I'm not! :D


PS. Admin, could you after a couple of days delete this thread since it is a flase alarm. It will not do any good but confuse others.