Elementary Questions


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1. The most basic: I finally figured out how to set up mptherboard monitor to my liking. Now, the really dumb question. How do I get your LCD software to include that program so it will show up on the screen?

2. Can I only run it on Line 2 of my display (I have a 632)? How?

3. Is there a basic program that will display the time and can I run that on Line 1 at the same time MBM runs on Line 2?

(This is a way for my lowly brain to learn this stuff so I'm comfortable with it).
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CF Mark

Have you tried lodaing the example screens?
In the screen config window, hit the "load screen" button and browse over to the directory where you installed CrystalControl.
There will be a director called "Screens", in there will be some examples you can try.


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Just have a good fool around with the program. Explore it and you will soon sus it all out. Im sure thats what most of us did. There are more functions you can display than you will ever need. If you put each one on an individual screen it would take years for the LCD to loop back to the first screen. lol. You cant damage anything by messin around with the program so just go for it. ;)

I don't know what size your screen is but I have a 16x2 and i would be happy to email you my screens if you want.



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Just so you understand a bit better. Crystal Control grabs values from MBM and displays them. It does the same with Seti@home and the EMail functions too. These values are represented by sets of text identifiers that Crystal Control substitutes for the values it graps from the other programs. It works the same a pronumeral representing a set value.

Therefore you can have any conbination of values showing anyware on the LCD at any time. You can have the time and date on the top line of a screen while having your CPU temp on the bottom level. Just click the cursor on the top line and find the date and time function in the list and press "Insert Tag". Then you can click on the bottom line and find the "CPU temp" function and press "Insert Tag" You can also enter any text you want surrounding these "pronumerals".

I hope that helps a bit.