Do you sell a LCD for this kit??


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I want to get the show on the road here and I haven't heard back from CF Tech in my other post. Kit is PDBK632LG. Do you sell a color LCD that will work with this kit?

Let me ask you something else, why do you sell all those 16x2 color LCD's What are they for?

I'm just trying to cover all my bases before I order this. Colored LCD's are nice but I see no kits that include them. thx in advance for the replies.

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There are no kits that include them.. The color displays are parallell ones and the kits use serial ones.. You can only get a color display of you can solder and read schematics and understand basic electronic circuits. As our dear host tells us the parallell displays aren't recommended for use in a pc and i think it will void your warranty if you connect it to a pc..