Display Hotkeys


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I just got the 634 USB screen, and I'm having problems getting the hotkeys to work.

When I choose the keys, and choose accept, the keys don't work. If I go back into the module setup, the keys are reset back to default of 'none'. Is anyone else having this problem and is there an easy way to fix it?
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CF Mark

Yeh... ill be the first to admit the hot-keys are a little dodgy.

Try setting the hotkeys to ones you dont want to use.
Exit CrystalControl.
Run CrystalControl.
Set the hokeys to the ones you want.

See if that works.


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Nope, doesnt matter which keys I try setting, it won't save the hotkey settings. Even after restarting the program.

Seems to me like it's having problems saving the hotkey information whenever you choose OK at the setup screen.


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Same problemoz here


Well i also just bought a 634 usb display. And i tryed the same, but cant make it work either. ( hotkeys)


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I've tried using letters and numbers.

My friend also has a 634, but it's a serial. He may also have an older version of the software though, because when he first set up his unit, it already had hotkeys assigned as default. They work just fine. But he also has the exact same problem with that he cannot change them. If he tries doing so, they stop working and when he goes back into the setup screen, they are reset to 'None'.

Mr. Admin, do you have the same problems with your software? Perhaps you don't have the same screen as we do....

CF Mark

Screens wont make a difference.

Argh, i know what the problem is....
I should have documented this in CrystalControl.

The hotkeys are Windows wide (work in all software) hotkeys.
So they need to use modifiers (alt/ctrl/shift keys).

For example, these will work:
Alt + N
Alt + Ctrl + P
Ctrl + Shift + J


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Ahh I see....worked perfectly fine now! Can't believe it was something so simple. I never thought that the modifier keys would actually work.