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Sun Power is in the business of providing Energy Solutions to our customers. We design and install PV systems. These PV systems produce DC electricity and are then Inverted to provide AC electricity. I am currently using a VT 2-4000 Electric meter to measure PV production details. This meter sits in the equipment room in the back of the building.

We need a display that will pretty much show our customer what the PV system is doing in their Lobby. I am looking for a clean presentable display that will take information out of the VT-2 meter and display (scroll through) all the readings.

Here are some pertinent links for this meter:


The meter has a modem that I can use to dial into to gather data for Monitoring and Maintenance purposes. We need a display for the customer lobby.

Is this something one of you can help with? The display needs to have Alpha Numeric and each character about 2" high. I would say it can be 2' in total width to show scrolling characters.

Appreciate the help.
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The simplest solution we offer would be to use the 634 connected to the VT-2 by serial cable. Then use the processor in the VT-2 to show the usage on the 634 by using the "big number" mode:

You may be able to share the same RS-232 port with the modem, the 634 would probably just scroll garbage when the modem is in operation.

If you need something 2' in width, it would probably be best to track down one of those LED scrolling signs. An LCD that size would be very expensive.