Direct-Connect 633?


Just registered for a question: I'm planning to place an order for the 633 serial blue/white LCD kit. But was curious: I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard which has the COM2 port as an onboard header (its normal place on the backplate is occupied by 5.1 speaker jacks) for an add-on DB9 socket. But, looking at the catalog's rear shot of the module, the 2x5 column of pins is the serial interface, I assume? So would it then be possible to just connect the 633 directly to the motherboard using a 10-pin ribbon (i.e. similar to #WYR232Y08, but w/ 10-pin-header connecters on each end)? BTW: Need serial because COM1 & all six of my USB ports are in use. ;)
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CF Tech

You should be OK. Take a look at the CFA-633 data sheet on page12:
If there is a matching 0.1” center, 10-pin RS-232 connector on your system’s motherboard, then in most cases a simple straight-through ribbon cable (such as CW Industries C3AAG-1018G-ND) can be used to connect from the CFA-633 to the motherboard’s header. The pin order of your motherboard’s header will determine if the CFA-633’s pin assignments need to be “Default” or “Alternate”.


Sorry for not looking closer @ that data sheet. But the MB headers are in exactly the same layout. Also, I guess you don't sell that cable since I didn't see it the site-catalog. Only problem w/ Digikey is they stick it to ya for S&H charges when making a tiny order.

Anyhow, looks to me like I'll be needing to get the WR232Y08 cable, anyway, as part of the drive bay kit. So the alternative would be to take the COM2 addon socket that came w/ the MB, remove it from the expansion slot bracket and leave it internal for the 633's cable to mate w/.