Difference between parallel/serial interface


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Can someone tell me what the advantages or disadvantages are of a serial/parallel interface ?

I wanna have that Red negative display for my PC but it's a parallel interface and I don't know it is good enough. If it is why are there then serial interfaces ???

I don't know it anymore...

I just want a Red Negative display in my computer

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Well, to sum it up, the serial displays are a lot easier to hookup and have a LOT more software support. But the parallels are a lot cheaper and come in different colors. If you are wanting to use it to display things like system temps. and fan speeds and you run Windows, then serials are about your only choice right now. There isn't really any software other then Winamp plugins that support a parallel interface right now. LCDriver 2 is supposed to be out soon, and will support parallel interfaces. Also, if you don't feel confertable with a soldering iron, then you really should stick with a serial model.