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I did not know I could put the characters from the Character Maps into the screens until I saw in a post "to add the degree symbol press ALT-0176" and when you release the button it displays on the screen......I tried the other characters and they work also....This adds a whole new life to CC for me......

example: ALT-0255 displays an arrow pointing to the left
ALT-0037 displays the % sign

I'm not 100% sure but if you find the character you want to display you find the top number and then the number to the left and then add them together and that is what you input, but it must be 4 digits. just add zero's at the begining.....its been working for me.....

example: if the number at the top is 32 and the number to the left is 3 you would input ALT-0035 and it would give you the # symbol.....208 plus 14 = ALT- 0222 and it would display an arrow pointing up.......

Now it does display something different in the CC software but it displays it correctly on the LCD

Could you PLEASE add this function to CC so it would be just be a "click on/insert into line" options I bet allot of people would use this!!
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You already have the power.

In the cc help file there is a charcter map. Just use ~222~ if you want an up-arrow in your line.

In the cc interface, a quick button click that brings up the character map isn't a bad idea. But a combo box with 255 items to scan with your eyes and mouse would be a bummer - I'd rather type it in.
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ya know I think I asked about this to be added to CC a while back, but did not know it was added.....I guess thats why you should always read the help files :D