detatched display lcds?


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Hey guys,

First post and whatnot, but does crystalfontz or any other company make an lcd with a display detached from the pcb, in the sense that it is attached by a ribbon cable or something of the sorts?

I'd like to replace the opaque backing with a transparent polarizing one, all fairly simple stuff, but I don't know how to get it so that I can shine a very bright light through the screen itself. My intention is to project the characters on to the wall, so that I can have rss feeds, email notifications, and the like straight on my wall.
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I'm also looking for something like this. I know crystal fontz offers "TAB" LCD's but these are WAY too small for the application that I'm thinking of. I'm looking for something about the size of a 3.5x5 note card.

Making a display transparent is VERY easy, but it seems as if no one's ever tried to make separating the display and the driver any easier.