Designing Case for Touch Screen TFT (like the CFAF240320K-T-TS)


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We are a manufacturer looking to integrate the CFAF240320K-T-TS into our next line of products.

We want the touch screen functionality, but NEMA4X rating is important for our customer base. We'd like to lay a screen printed piece of plastic or glass over the display as part of a front panel but we haven't been able to find specs on how that will affect the touch functionality. Do you have any suggestions and/or information on this?
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CF Tech

For a resistive touch screen (as supplied on that module) purring plastic in front of it is not being to be good. Perhaps if the plastic is thin and very close it could work for pushing big buttons, but I doubt it would be good enough for fine control.

I think a capacitive touch solution would be the best bet -- with these the exposed surface can be glass . . . but we do not sell capacitive touch :(