Design Addition Suggestion


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Great v1.0 release!

I have, what I think, a great design addition suggestion.

One recurring problem with LCD display is, there is never enough room to display everything one ever want. One is then, relegated to keep pushing buttons (click-a-click) to the screen of choice when it's need it. I propose something more automatic and smarter.

Expand the "skip this screen if WinAmp running" to giving each saved screen a priority and condition(s) for making it active, automatically.

For example, I would like my default screen to display CPU load and number of logon users. However, the WinAmp screen should pop up by itself when I start playing a sound and replace the default screen. I would like to see a temperature warning screen *only* when it goes up beyond a preset (only alarm temp display is useful). And of course the temp screen will be user-configurable to have the highest priority than the rest of the screens.

See where I am headed with this? Make the software more intelligent and predictive to (1) Make efficient use of the limited real state of a LCD display and (2) Work for the user so he doesn't have to push more buttons than he has to.

If anyone has any input on this, I would be more than happy to gather your requests (conditions) and make a flowchart of what needs to happen (logic) and give it to the programmer as a blueprint.

TIA - keep up the good work.
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