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Delphi driver


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Here it is:
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

VaComm1.PortNum:=StrToInt(edit5.text);    //<-- number of the port

VaComm1.writeChar(Chr(14));     //<--backlight

VaComm1.writeChar(Chr(15));     //<--contrast

VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(17));     //<--setpos (1,1)

VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(17));     //<--setpos (1,2)

VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(17));     //<--setpos (1,3)

VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(17));     //<--setpos (1,4)

you can see that VaComm1.... is the component i use to controll the serial port.
Note: It DOES work, i CAN control other non-CF LCD's with it, and also made a program to send data to other computers with that component
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did you notice that there was a text file included. there you have to fill in the port!

if not.. then.. screw me :(

i tried realy everything.. ;(


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/me is looking into his pfd file....

If the display in your system is powered by the serial port's RTS and DTR lines, the
display can be rebooted by dropping those lines momentarily (say 500mS) and then
bringing them high again.

how do i do that?


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ok.. what's next?

i allready made the RTS and DTR.
I read something about sending 2 esc (chr27) and 4 spaces (32)?
should i do that?

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To make sure your hardware all works, please run WinTest.

Once you have the PC set its RTS and DTR high, the display should come on. By default, it will show the splash screen (with the baud rate) for a few seconds, then go to a block cursor.

Then the display will show whatever comes across the serial port (at the correct baud rate:)).

As a test, just set HyperTerminal to open "direct" "COM1" "19200" and you should be able to type and arrow directly around the display.

I am sorry that you are having trouble getting your Delphi driver going. We do not have much experience outside of C and assembly here, but it does seem that you have received some useful input from the other forum members.


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well, first of all: i am a programmer, i allready have an LCD, but it's not a crystal fontz one.

that's why i can't test my programs and post them here, for you to test.

I was thinking about building support for your LCD's in my program [url="www.rendo.dekooi.nl/~fjbgp/smartie"LCD Smartie[/url].

on 01-17-2002 08:06 PM, crystalfontz
wrote the following:

Once you have the PC set its RTS and DTR high, the display should come on. By default, it will show the splash screen (with the baud rate) for a few seconds, then go to a block cursor.
i did that, but the LCD didn't even blink.. (see the reply from Mp3Commander.)
I have tested many ways now, but nothing seems to work.
I also have the bad feeling that you don't exactly know how to control your LCD's.
That's no offence, but I would love to know.
This means that or i have to get my own Crystal Fontz LCD (to test) or i need a little more support here.
I am almost done building version 5 of [url="www.rendo.dekooi.nl/~fjbgp/smartie"LCD Smartie[/url]. This version has many things very much improved.

When i am done with the programming, and i still have troubles i will release it.... Without Crystal Fontz support...
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Never mind about the crystal fonts support basie, your software kicks ass without it m8 :) sorry to all the people who have crystal fonts LCDs, but Matrix orbitals are better anyways.

Look at this prime example I found earlier...

rrr, poor thing, was just lying about with nobody to love it :(
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I dont think that is true i have not once foud a lcd maker that offers different colers backlight and font colors so i think matrix optical is worse because they dont have that good of slection so i would forget -chrix-:p


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justnic said:
I don't think that is true. I have not once found a lcd maker that offers different colers backlight and font colors. So I think matrix optical is worse, because they don't have that good of slection. So i would forget -chrix-:p
well, they did not forget anything, and indeed i get the feeling MO is indeed a little more customer-friendly
i am not talking about the LCD's, but just the support.

And Matrix-Orbital HAS a lot of different colors!
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