Delphi driver


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does anyone of u has ever made a driver for delphi?
i want to add a serial support for my LCD program (LCD Smartie, check homepage) and i have programmed all the stuff in delphi 5

now i need a driver, and i thought maybee u allready have made one

can someone help?

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i allready have such a component, but how are the initstrings and writedatastrings for an CF LCD?

CF Mark

What do you mean by "how are the" ??

If you mean commands to clear, move the cursor, etc on the LCD display, go download either the 632 or 634 full datasheet. It lists all the commands and what they do.


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I now have made a driver, but it doens't work at all...

i do this @ startup:
VaComm1.PortNum:=2 <-- poortnumber
VaComm1.Open; <-- open the comport

then i do this:
VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(17)); <-- write char '17' to LCD
VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(0)); < write char '0' to set pos 0
VaComm1.WriteChar(chr(0)); < write char '0' to set line 0
VaComm1.WriteText('w00000t'); < write a string to the LCD

but nothing happends
is there something i have to do first?


Download the datasheet for your LCD.

Itll have a flowchart of the things you have to do to get it setup.


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i allready have, but i realy can't find a flow chart.. and i have the complete version.

But if you know, can u tell me then?


Ooops... sorry i was thinking of other datasheets :(

Yeh, what youve done should work.
But there are some other things you can try like setting brightness&contrast, changing cursor type, make sure the lcd is turned on (Restore display).
You may also want to try usin the reset command first.


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BasieP said:
Thanx, i will give it a try
well, i did, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone post a VB, or C++ code? of a working program?
then i can see for myself.
I think i am forgetting something stupid, but i will never know, because i don't have a good example

i only need to know the data that is send to the LCD, and so the language doesn't matter


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ik looked at that code for 20 times now, and i don't get what i am doing wrong...

can someone PLEASE paste here just that little bit of data they send to the LCD to get it to work?

i can't init the LCD


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/me is wondering howmany ppl realy read this..

anywayz: Still nothing works!
i even tried change-ing the contrast and the backlight. |:(

but nothing seems to work.
I'll ask again:
what do you accualy have to send to a CF LCD to get a little text on it???

a lot of you allready made a driver, so you know..
please share it


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you are aware of the fact that this is a Visual Basic driver?
i will try to look at it, but i don't even have Visual Basic.. :(


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that's the one i made. The problem is that my test person says that it doesn't work.

He did said that with all my drivers.. :(
but i am beginning to be unsure, because i tried EVERYTHING!, and the result is always the same.

He says that other programs work perfect.

can some of you please take a look?
this is the most simple version there is.

Connects to a commport (just choose) @ 19200 and sets backlight to 100, and contrast to 60.
Then it writes a very short line