Customer Adjustment for Contrast


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I'm engineering a CFAH series backlit LCD into a consumer product. It will be used indoors with all the vagaries of indoor lighting. Do I need to provide the user with the ability to adjust the contrast? Or should I just put a factory-adjustable pot on the circuit board and adjust it prior to shipping?

I'm partly asking this as a technical matter, and partly as a user satisfaction issue.

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CF Tech

If the temperature is not going to vary a lot, and the user will always use it from about the same angle, then a factory trimpot will be fine.

If the user will vary the viewing angle a lot, then user control can be nice. You can do it with a PWM and some passives under software control, that is a good option because there are less costs involved.


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Dont know what exactly you are using it for, but it would be nice to vary the contrast so its no so bright at night or just in case you want to change it.

It probably isnt the easiest way, but I would use PWM from a PIC IC and have a 'higher' and 'lower' backlight button.