Custom Overlay Design for the Brackets

Reborn Phoenix

New member
Hey, your screens are great, I just love em. I am starting a modification company, and would like to get a customised mounting bracket.

I have a few questions about this:

Can I have them in black?
Can I have a small image replacing the crystalfontz logo on the bracket? The image would be a phoenix.
Do you have graphic designers that could draw the phoenix for me or will I need to supply the graphics (is it cheaper for me to supply them)?

Its not that I don't like the crystalfontz logo, and would be happy for it to stay on the bracket if that is nesscessary, I just think it would look more professional.
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CF Tech

Reborn Phoenix:

We can provide overlays with custom colors and custom artwork.

Typically we would supply you with a Freehand 8 file that has the artwork in it for our standard overlay with the Crystalfontz logo. Your graphic designer would use this file as a template for creating your artwork, and then return the modified file to us.

Alternatively, If you have electronic artwork for your logo, we can complete the artwork here.

If you do not have a logo or if you do not have it in electronic format, then you would need to find a graphic designer to design it or convert it into electronic format.

There are two ways to do a custom overlay:

1) Place a minimum order of 100 of the brackets. There are no tooling or art charges.

2) Deposit $500. We will bring 100 of your custom overlays in from our supplier, and issue you a special part number for a bracket with your custom overlays. Each time you order the bracket with the customized logo, we will discount the price by $5 each. When you order your 100th unit, you are at the same total cost of ordering 100 standard units.