Custom LCD Module/bezel?


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Dear gentlemen,

Does anyone have an idea as to where can I go about getting a custom USB LCD module + bezel made for a 2U rackmount server chassis?

The server chassis has a space (available surface area) provided and mounting holes where it's factory LCD module and bezel is installed; the problem being that the current LCD uses a mini 30 pin connector of unknown workings and I haven't been able to get it up and running (the manufacturer has no info on this LCD).

The idea is to replace this module.

Since it's surface mounted on a flat space with 4 screws (the bezel providing the necessary support), it doesn't seen difficult at all to replace with another custom LCD module and bezel provided the bezel (ideally) mounts to the same mounting screw holes.

I could also settle for a "ready-made" standard USB LCD module (such as those Crystalfontz makes), provided the bezel could be custom made.

I would of course, require only one such module/bezel. Is this feasable? Can only one module and/or bezel be made within a reasonable budget?

Any ideas welcome!

Photos of the current LCD Module/bezel available upon request!


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CF Tech

The easiest/best solution might be to make a plate that has the CFA-635 cutout (or CFA-634 if you do not need buttons), with a provision to mount it into the existing studs.

The metal shop we work with is pretty good at doing things down to around 100 pieces. Below that you would probably have to make something by hand.

You could check locally to see if there is a shop near you that could make adapters.

You could write or call in and we could discuss it.