Custom LCD and some questions.


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Hey there.

After a bit of looking around I found you people, and your lovely LCDs..The reason I like yours is because they are so thin.

What I had in mind was the

This one is 19.9mm, but from what I can make of the images it’s only the serial connector that really makes it that "thick".

Would it be possible to get an overview of the LCD from the side (Like the one to one diagrams) and/or some nice images of it from the sides.

Would it be possible to get the get CFA632- -KU with the same blue colours and leds like the CFA633-TMC-KU.

-Edit I did shorten it a bit... Might help getting a answer... You never know...
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Patience Grasshopper.

The 632 with the USB interface is approximately the 19.9mm for about half of the display.

I may be able to get some photos taken in the next few days for you if you need more info than that.

As far as getting it in a negative blue, unless we see more demand for it, there's not a huge likelihood that it's going to happen in the near future.


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Patience... Not my strong side... Right now anyway. ;)

Some photos would be really great.
If you decide to take some, and should have a 632 with Serial interface as well.... Some pictures of that would be nice to (To compare, and see which one to use.)

Would it be hard to make one with blue :D.... If you took a 633 and cut of the extra parts.. Would that work ;) (No, I did not really think that would work.)


BTW, I sent a mail to, but you can just forget about that one now, since I got you here ;)
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