Custom Characters in the 631 wont Blink!!!


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I have written a simple app using the VB supplied example for the 631 and can create custom characters now no problem. However the documentation says that if you enable bit 7 of any of the data the entire line will blink. Am i missing something simple. I generate the character correctly i assume as it displays fine. To enable blinking if i add 64 (bit 7) to the value i load for the character shouldnt it blink. I also tried adding 128 but that didnt work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Cheers CF-Tech it would appear i had two problems. The first being my own fault and the second is because the first time i send a character to the display it fails!!

Perhaps i should ping it first?? Not sure why the first packet fails but the second works fine!!

Thanks for your help.

I noticed a review on a web site somewhere that showed a spectrum analyser for playing audio?? Was just curious did you use custom characters to do this or do you write low level to it??

Just curious my way will work just needs testing??


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CF Tech

You should not have to send a ping first, I just did it to make sure the display was connected.

For a spectrum analyzer, typically you load up the 8 custom characters with the 8 possible bar heights, and then put the custom character codes out to the display in the right order.