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Hello, I have successfully installed CC2 on W2k3 (non R20 Server). I am using model 631 USB. USB drivers are installed with no issues. After CC2, I noticed there are no screen files n the SCREENS dir. I downloaded some screen files, but when I view the display there is '[E01]' infront of any text on the screen. I noticed the software is looking for files with 2002, my files are 2004 (which I downloaded from your site). Is there a way to display the text w/o the '[E01]' displaying in from of my text ?
Any help would be appreciated....Thx.
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The date of my file was CC2setup-2009331.exe. Your link points to a much newer version than what I dowloaded from your site. Do I need to un-install the previous version of CC2 before installing the latest version ?

Many Thanks......


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Hello, I thought I would un-install the program first. After the un-install, I installed the version you suggested. The newer version resolves my issues that I was having in the older version. Now I have screen files in the screens dir. It is great to have a display which I can perfrom a wipe left-to-right (etc.) w/o any errors on the LCD.

The only remaining question, is there a screen file for utorrent ? I know there is one for Azureus. Can one be created for utorrent if it is not already out there ?
If so, how can one go about doing such a task ?

Many Thx for all your help :)

CF Mark

A plugin for uTorrent is on the to-do list.
Ive applied for the uTorrent API, so hopefully ill have some info on how to go about making one shortly.
No promises yet though...