Crystalfontz 634 software?


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I'm thinking of purchasing a cyrstalfontz 634 LCD and was wondering what type of software is out there for this? I had a matrix orbital LCD and used the LCDC software. I enjoyed the many features the MO LCD had such as winamp3 especially (spectrum analyzer). Is there ONE software that I can use instead of using a variety of softwares for different functions?


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To my knowledge, there is no LCD software that does *EVERYTHING* there is to do. A better question for you to ask would be to list the features you're looking for, and then ask if any particular software supports all the things that you're looking for.


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Ok then what kind of software is there that can display a spectrum analyzer? I'm also thinking of purchasing a 634 LCD bye the way.

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CrystalControl v2 will have the graphic equalizer when it is released (I am testing a beta of CC2, and the spectrum analyzer is beautiful). If that's what'll sell you, then when it's released it'll fit the bill nicely.


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this software does it all... a little difficult to set up, sometimes a little unstable, but stay with it -- it will work and work well if you stay with it and try different options. The only problem i have is that when running winamp audio streaming, after about 4 hours, the screen goes black -- something i can definately live with for the benefits. Additionally if you register at the web site, you can download screens from other users.... very helpful....

Some of the features I like are (it probablyy does a lot more but I have already put in way too many hours with it):

- I have different screens per different logons
- spectrum analyzer included (three different types)
- customized screen jumps
- very advanced customizable options/screens pending on processes running, network traffic, fan speen, cpu/mb temp, time of day, text, etc..., almost anything you can think of
- create you own animated characters or download tons of animated characters
- support for emule, musicmatch
- you can pretty much cut any piece of text out of any text file on your computer. great for updating weather, local, national news,etc... (very advanced)
- the list here goes on and on
- lots of add on plug ins (make sure you get the additional tools because it makes things a little easier to code and test)