Crystalcontrol won't let winXP shutdown


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Cyrstalcontrol wont let winXP shutdown

Hey all
Just having a problem with crystalcontrol, v0.99. When i go to shutdown my computer, CC spits out an error saying "Privelaged instruction" and my computer wont shut down unless i ok that and go to task manager to end process on crystal control. Also a couple of times when ive started the computer, as crystal control loads that error pops up and i get about 20+ of the errors and it locks up my computer (only a reset will get around it, cant get to task manager, cant OK the errors, cant right click-exit CC etc)

Im running winXP Pro, SP1 by the way, its a parallel 16x2 LCD. Thanks in advance for any help!

Also a suggestion for the next version, can we have it so when it goes from screen 1 - screen 2 etc it scrolls over? So like screen 2 pushes its way in from the right and screen 1 gets pushed off the left? And any chance of interfacing it with Getright so you can see how many downloads are going and the % left?
Cheers Wazza
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On your XP config, do you have your User set up with Admin privlages? It's about the only thing I can think of that would be holding up a shutdown. If that does not help, try reinstalling CC.


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Yep, im set up with admin privelages. Oh, and now the multiple "privelaged instruction" on startup thing happens like every 2nd or 3rd time i start the computer :(
Trying out some other software now, but i quite like CC, ill try getting it working later.