crystalcontrol with wirz backpack


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I have the CFAH2004A-YMC-JP and I wired the WIRZ SLI-OEM serial backpack up to it like in the tutorial you guys offer. Everything works fine in LCDriver and LCDCenter, however, I can't seem to get it to work with CrystalControl. It looks like you can only have settings for the 632, 634, or generic parallel. Is there any way I can make this work with the serial wirz backpack? Because this looks like the end all of my LCD software solutions!

Thanks! :)
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CF Mark

We are still unsure if Crystalcontrol will be made to support Wirz backpacks.

Sorry, youll just have to wait until version supports it, if it gets supported at all.


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haha, I know you WANT to... you can't resist... in fact... you are writing it down in your "things to do" list ::spins hypnotism coin::

j/k... but it sure would be nice. I really don't want to have to desolder everything and wire it up parallel. I wouldn't mind doing that if LCDriver v2 would ever be released to support it, but until then I think I'm stayin with the backpack. Well, I hope you have a chance to add it cause this looks like a great piece of software!


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As far as Wirz backpack support goes, it does support sending the H44780 (I think that's the number) raw codes to the LCD, if you prepend 0xFE beforehand.

If that's the case, couldn't you just add an option for "Wirz Backpack" that uses the serial port select, and sends the same info as the raw H44780 driver? It may not work that well, but it just might. Klugy, but those of us with the Wirz should like that. =)