CrystalControl: Version 1.07

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Latest version: CrystalControl V1.07

Stable CrystalControl - V1.07 (18/03/04)


Previous Versions & Changelogs

- Motherboard Monitor V5.2.0.0 or newer is required!

Version 1.07
- Fixed alternare hotkey not working.
- Fixed "pdh.dll" problems for win9x.

Version 1.06
- Fixed the installer problems.
- Fixed installed modules not appearing in the module list.

Version 1.05
- Fixed 631 2nd line update problem.
- Fixed 631 character map.
- Fixed startup module problem stack-overflow bug.

Version 1.04
- Added 631 support (display only).

Version 1.03
- Fixed special 634/632 character display problem.

Version 1.02
- Fixed multiple modules of same type saving bug.

Version 1.01
- Supports 633 Service V1.00 & V1.01.
- Fahrenheit now work for 633 temperature sensors.
- Added support for Fraps V1.9C.
- Forced use of Control key for keyboard hotkeys.
- Minor Fixes.
- Nice new installer (as always, thanks to NSIS).

Version 1.00
- Added min/max Motherboard Monitor values.
- Minor fixes.

Version 1.00pr3
- Fixed HD44780 CPU usage problems (caused slow updates).
- Fixed jerky line scrolling/bouncing.
- Fixed multiple module problem.

Version 1.00pr2
- Fixed nasty new module bug.

Version 1.00pr1:
- BF1942 game server support.
- Option to disable module on winamp running (turn this on to allow use of a winamp LCD display plugin).
- Now turns off serial/usb modules on CC closing.
- Now supports power saving.
- Fixed screen order problem.
- Fixed various hotkey problems.
- Some debugging support.
- Stopped errors on failed init of a module.
- Better information on game tags.
- Fixed a few small memory leaks.
- A few other fixes ive forgotten about.

Version 0.99:
- NT Perfmon list in Screen Config now works correctly (lots of new available info!).
- Installer now picks the windows version correctly (fixes Win9x install problem).
- Fixed DLL problems running under Win9x.
- Fixed occasional startup divide by zero error.
- Fixed general "Disk Drive Info" problems.
- "Disk Drive Info" now available under WinNT4/2K/XP.
- Percentages now use same format as NT perfmon percentages.
- Added HD44780 40x4 building guide to help file.

Version 0.98:
- Readded support for the ° character.
- Fixed missing column on the HD44780.
- Added 632/634 and HD44780 character maps to the help file (also shown below).

Version 0.97:
- Can now show newest emails from address, subject and size.
- Added screen control hetkeys (system wide).
- Fixed degrees fahrenheit conversion problems.
- Added support for using extended characters (see notes above).
- Added local machine network name and IP information.
- Email password is now masked.
- Support for Americas Army servers.
- One version of the installer for both Win9x and WinNT.

Version 0.96:
- Fixed privileged instruction error (no upgrade from V0.95 needed if running Win9x version).

Version 0.95:
- Support for MBM Version (dropped support for previous versions).
- Now using CanIO instead of DLPortIO (fixes privileged instruction errors).
- New alternating options.
- Support for CF633 Service (not released yet).
- A few other fixes ive forgotten about.

Version 0.94p1:
- Added option for slow HD44780 timings.

Version 0.93:
- Fixed HD44780 timing problems.
- Removed Ghost Recon support.
- Fixed Medal Of Honor support.
- Added Jedi Knight 2 support.
- Added Soldier of Fortune 2 (MP Test) support.
- Moved tag error list to help file.
- Fixed startup/about-box version error.

Character Maps
(read the CrystalControl help file for details on how to use these maps)

Crystalfontz 632 & 634

Generic HD44780
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