crystalcontrol screen won't go away


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Just got my Crystalfontz USB 634 yesterday, and I love it. However, one thing really bugs me. After configuring my screens, etc., I close the crystalcontrol software (which minimizes into the system tray) but a simulated-lcd screen (which shows what's currently on the lcd) stays on my desktop; I can't get rid of the thing and it's really annoying. Any thoughts?:mad:
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I had this problem too, but I worked out how to remove it.

Right Click the icon for CrystalControl in the tray
hold the mouse over the name of your LCD in the menu that pops up
uncheck the 'SimLCD' option in that submenu

After that, it should go away and stay gone

Robert Heffernan

CF Mark

Yup, thats a small bug with CrystalControl.
If the settings screen is left open when CC is closed, next time its run, the SimLCD will be shown.

As said above, right click on the tray icon, select the module, unselect "SimLCD".