CrystalControl Crashes.


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CrystalControl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I get this error all the time. seams to only take about 1 to 5 min after the program is run before it happends.

I have windows XP, it is a fresh install. Well, almost. about a week old. and a CrystalFontz 634 LCD.
This has to be the Best program I have used. I really like how I can make my own screens., Now, if only I could get it to stop crashing.

I don't know what other information to give you.
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CF Mark

If your running it, try stopping MBM and also try leaving the email and game server settings blank.

See how you go.


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Yes, as soon as I do not have any game server ip and stuff, it is stable. This, just happends to be my favorite feature. (to monitor my wolf server )