CrystalControl as a service?


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Can CrystalControl be run as a service?

I know that there is a program called servinst.exe in the install directory but this doesn't really run it as a service rather it just starts CrystalControl once a user logs on by placing an entry in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run)

I've tried to get it to run as a service using FireDaemon but it doesn't work. I get an popup window stating "CrystalControl is already running." After closing it, it pops back up and CrystalControl never starts.

Is there a method for doing this?

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CF Mark

At the moment i dont think it can be done.... i havnt tried myself.

Version 2 of CrystalControl (which is still a long way off), will run as a service.

The Sentinel

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It means the LCD can be updated even if the computer is not logged in.

I.e. if you had the LCD displaying MB/CPU/GPU temperatures it could still report them even after you had logged out.

Not everyone has logins enabled but it does mean you don't have to stay logged to update it.


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CrystalControl as a service

A service is a program that runs in the background all the time, regardless if somebody is logged in or not. This is very useful for certain programs that you would like running all the time.

You may ask: What if I put a shortcut to the program I want in the startup folder of the start menu? Won't that work? Answer: Sort of. If you put a program in the startup folder in the start menu, it will run when Windows is loaded. However, if you setup Windows so that it requires you to login, then the program in the startup folder won't run until login is complete. Also, it will only run if the proper person logs in. A service runs all the time, regardless of who is or is not logged in.