CrystalControl 2 Beta

Dive Fox

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OK, when can I get my hot little paws on a beta of CC2? I bought my 634 almost a year ago, and the lack of software support for it has frustrated me to no end so far. I love seeing the little jokes and stuff I wrote as screens in CC1 flash by, but I'd like to start doing something useful with it. I'm down to sitting on my hands and waiting for CC2 or writing my own software to make the LCD do what I want. (Maybe if I had an advance copy of CC2, I could direct my development efforts into plugins for that instead of creating a parallel project. My first item to tackle is a Trillian display for it.)
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If you wouldnt mind I'd like to take a swing at setting up and playing around with the beta myself. It sounds promising and i'm impatient. :D Let me know.


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I too would like to be in on the beta. I bought my 631 assuming its buttons could already work in the current software versions.

I'll PM you my experience just in case...


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I'm new to the forum, what does PM mean? and i would also greatly like a copy of the Beta if at all possible, i have a 631 usb display and the features are decent for the time being on with crystal control 1.07 but i would much like to use cc2 because i need to be able to do some custom graphics on this display, especially because its not a segmented display custom characters could look really nice. thanks