Crystal Control on Windows 2003 don't work?


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sorry for my bad english.....

i'm using the Newest Version of CrystalControl/Crystalfontz 634 and have Problems getting Infos from the Performance Info from NT.

OS is Windows 2003 Server Ent. (!)

when starting crystal control i get a message like "Access violation at adress 004a2bdc in module 'crystalcontrol.exe'. Read of address 000000"

Then the Options will go up but only a few part of windows's Performance Info is accessable..

I've installed the OS 2 Times but the Problem is still there - maybe Microsoft changed something with Handling the performance info?

Under Windows 2000 Ent. Server it works fine...
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CF Mark

Thanks for the report.
I wont say Windows 2003 is support until i get a chance to try it myself and fix any problems.

Until then, im afraid your on your own :(
It is strange that they would change any of the performance information handling though.


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Hi there!

First time post here....registered just to share some info on this...

I am running Windows Server 2003 Ent with a Crystal Fontz 632 Serial LCD screen, and the Crystal Control Software (v1.00) works fine....

I dont know if this helps at all....

We have had exactly the same error as you, but this has only occured when there have been 2 instances of Crystal Control running (when someone has logged in as Admin, then someone else has logged in as Admin at the same time and Crystal Control has attempted to load again).

We found that closing all of the CC instances then loading it again fixed that..... but like i say, this only happened with two instances loaded.... other than that, everything has been great.


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thank you for the hint - but it was another problem...

i found the solution....

The Problem was the service mssearch (Microsoft Search - Creates indices - Exchange Databases etc..)...

After turning it off it works fine... turn it on - crash.... every time...

Thank you for your help...