crystal control displays


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I was just wondering if there is any plan for a crystal control version that will display bars and oscilloscopes?
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I'm sure there is.

In the mean time Ron is about 80% finished with LCDriver v2.0
Hopefully that will unleash a whole new set of LCD controllers as well. In the mean time............zzzzzzzzz


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He was 80% done with LCDriver 2.0 .... 2 years ago when he first announced it... whispers: vaporware

and it doesnt support Graphical LCD's so i dont really count it as a LCD"driver"...

LCDStudio 1.5 is in beta testing stage and will be relesed in about a month...
and it allready supports 10x the LCD's that LCDriver does and it supports Plug-ins and graphical LCD's Here have a look


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yeah I checked out that site, but the Dude wont let me have a copy of the 1.5 beta and that is the one the has support for CF LCD......did you read over at PowerLCD that they will have support for ALL the CF Graphic LCD in the next hard is it too make one of the CF GLCD's work on a PC?