Crystal Control bar graphs?


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Does Crystal Control support horizontal bar graphs? If not, is there any effort to support it. I notice that the character support is there in the character map but I haven’t seen any way to use those chars. I just think that it would look much better to see a graph instead of a number. Right now the only prog I have found that supports this is Smartie. The resizable graphs are really cool.

I just think that Crystal Control could one up smartie with the partially filled characters and make the graphs that much more detailed.
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CF Mark

It would be nice, but it cant be done with the current source code for CrystalControl :(
V2 of CrystalControl is slowing being planned and written, it will do Bargraphs and a lot more.


New member would one go about making a bar graph in V2? :D

EDIT: Oops, thought it was released..
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