Crystal Control 096 & MBM


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Have been using a 634 LCD for some time now, but with older
versions of Crystal Control (092) and MBM (5.07). Everything
has been working, except for not being able to see the fan
speeds thru the CC s/w (and yes, it does show up in MBM).

Decided to do a clean install of Win98 and use the newer
versions of CC and MBM ( no choice here). Got the s/w loaded
and the screens set up and everythings rockin' along. Fan
speeds even showed up.

Then, I noticed that the router and switch "act/link" lights
were going crazy; as if data was being transfered between
all three systems at the same time. Cable modem "data"
light was not lit, so I had to conclude nothing was being
sent out over the net to someone.

Started shutting down programs and once I shut down
Crystal Control, the "activity" stopped. Started it back up and
the "activity" began again.

Left Crystal Control running and disconnected the mapped
drives to one of the other systems. "Activity" ceased to that
one particular system. Disconnected the remaining mapped
drives to the other system and all was quite.

So, what has changed in either MBM or Crystal Control 096
to cause this behavior ??? Has to be something as no other
new hardware or software was installed after the clean
install of Win98.


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If that were so, why, when using CC 092 , does the activity not
happen across all PC's but does when using CC 096 ??

That would mean that the drive info selection , using CC
092, is non-functional ? Because CC 092 won't display drive
info on the machine it is loaded on. Additionally, it would also
mean that the drive info selection under CC 096 is non-functional as it also would not display information. Plus, how can it see
the other sytems' drives and get information if there is no
"mapped drive" selection to choose from within CC 096 (or even
CC 092) ??

Not trying to be a PITA, but your response does not seem logical.

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CF Mark

Good questions.
Ill look into it.

I checked the code before replying last time, and it does check them all.
Im not sure why they would then not be displayed.

I havnt tested the Win9x version of CC myself since the first beta, so remebering what the Win9x code does is difficult.


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Thanks for your time & assistance.. Will be looking forward
to what you find.

Also, I tried to get the CPU speed to show on the LCD but
it wouldn't (it posts under MBM 5.07).


CF Mark

Simply, CC checks all drive letters C->Z for free space, etc. If you have network drives mapped, they will have a drive letter so they will also be checked.

CC will then display the information of the drive selected in the ~TAG~.

You said "Because CC 092 won't display drive
info on the machine it is loaded on".
Whats the error?

BTW... all of this only applies to the Win9x version of CC.


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Using MBM 5.07 & CC 092---

If I use a selection under "Disk Drive Info", it returns [E10].

If I try to display fan speeds, it returns " 0 " . Tried
fans 1-8, all the same.

If I try to display the CPU speed, it returns " 0 ".

The last two items do show in MBM 5.07 on the dashboard
As to the my original problem of having the router and switch
LED's flashing continously---

1. It doesn't occur with the combination of CC 092 and MBM 5.07.

2. It does occur with the combination of CC 096 and MBM .

I understand that if one sets up a new screen and inserts a "tag" for one of the selections under Disk Info, it would
then poll the drive which was selected at the pre-determined time interval as defined under "Settings". At the time of polling,
I can see that, if it were a mapped drive, then the router/switch
LED's would blink momentarily; not continously for an extended period of time.

However, since I did not have any screen established with any drive info tags inserted, why would / how could it be polling the drives for info ? That would defeat the purpose of having it as
a selectable item under the Screen Configuration menu.

It seems to me that there is something mis-coded in CC 096
with respect to the "Drive" functions or something related. As
I mentioned before, as soon as I unmap the drive(s) on a singular networked computer, the "activity" on those LEDs ,on both the router & switch for that computer, stop. The remaining
mapped drives for any other computer(s), the activity continues.

As to "Fan" & "CPU" info display, these functions worked fine
with CC 096 & MBM .

I REALLY do appreciate your taking the time to try and resolve
this anomaly / bug I'm experiencing.