Couldnt get work 16x2 LCD on parallel port. Needing help.


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Hello everyone.

I bought a 16x2 LCD to use it on my computer with CC2. I dont know if it is HD44780. "TM1602K24-00" that's what writes on the LCD. Here is a picture of the LCD.

First please let me know if i cant use this LCD on my LPT port.

My mainboard is Gigabyte MA78GM-2UDH. So it doesnt have parellel port socket on rear panel. It has on board.

The LPT port on my MainBoard is like that. So, i made a cable fits with this, with your Connection Table.

( i was trying things, that's why there is no Ground cable, lcd_enable and r/w ) <- this table.

This is Parellel port configuration on my bios. 0x378 selected as port, and SSP mode selected.

So, i couldnt get the LCD work, when i send screens to my lcd, the light of the LCD flips ( Flip i mean it brights low and high, but never shuts down ) but no character showns.

So i thought there is a ground problem, i directly connected the LCD's ground pin to molex's ground, and the +5V too. This time no light flipping but nothing on the LCD too.

I think there is some mistaken cable wrings, according to my mainboard's LPT pins.

Please help me out to find the problem.
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It looks like your ribbon cable is not in the correct contacts on the mobo connector. You have the group of nine wires connected to pins 1-9, and they should be connected to pins 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17.