Could I Use This LCD?


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I dont know much about these.. There arent any labels that i can see.. but again i know nothing about LCD's. Im sorry for the poor quality on the photo's.. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time,

It has Pins, labelled 1-16 :


The display came out of an Ademo 6160 Alpha Keypad ..

Thanks Again!
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Very likely it s a "HD44780" style LCD.

The pins on all those units are generally the same.

You might start with the data sheet an LCD you can get documentation for:

Then see if you can match up the pins on your LCD to the ones in the table:

Power, ground and then backlight pins you should be able to ferret out by following traces on your LCD's PCB. These are pretty critical to get right, since they will connect to power ant if they are wrong, you will let out the blue smoke. The backlight will likely need a current limiting resistor:

If you get some good pictures (take it outside on a sunny day?) we might be able to help with the traces through the forum.

Once you have that, you can make up a cable out of an old printer cable (hope you have a parallel port) and see if you can get it going with this character LCD test software:

OK, good luck with that.



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Awesome, Thank you very much for your response. Ill have a look at the link u suggested. Thanks again!


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This may be a dumb question, but if i reinstall the LCD back into the keypad, power the keypad up.. i should be able to take a volt meter and rule out and note which pins have power on them?

Heres the keypad-

Without the back cover:

Ill try and get some better light for these pictures..

And No prob on the Parallel, Just went out and dug through my old crap and found a cable, and laptop that has a port. Check :)
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alright cool.. I gave up on it a few hours ago lol. I tryed using a volt meter to see where the power was when it was all "put together" ... didnt really come up with much of anything.. 3.8.. on like... pins 3 and 4 or something.. i doubt that was right tho because ive no clue what im doing lol. Im going to reassemble the keypad here in a sec and power it up to make sure i didnt short anything out when i was messing with it.

Would it be worth trying to make a cable for it and see if it will power up with the pinouts youve mentioned.. if i fry it.. it isnt a big deal.. its a spare part and i got another around here somewhere. Im probably going to end up buying one from this site either way.. i just figured it would be nice to be able to use this one aswell.. Thanks for your help bro


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Im trying to get a better pic,.. all i have is my camera phone... probably as good as its going to get for the time being.. Ill have to borrow a digital cam from my friend

The light actually kills it with my phone, cant read or see anything lol, i had to block out some of the light in this one.