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I just created a 16x4 LED(!) matrix module which is software compatible with the Crystalfontz "old style" protocol. I would like to sell some of them as an experiment on EBay.

The question is, is that crystalfontz protocol copyrighted or may I use it? If it is copyrighted, maybe someone knows a protocol that ist free and supported by some LCD applications.

Thank you

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Im going to move this into the "LCD Industry" forum.
I cant answer this, one of the other moderators will though.


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I like to see more from your LED display that's compatible with CC!
Is this a serial display or USB?
Do you have a website with pictures of it?

I have experimented a bit to get a Alpha LED display working on my PC (I have a Alpha 4160R display) but a CC compatible display would be great! :D