Controlling the LCD's with an 8051 or similar microcontroller


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Is it possible to control these LCD displays with an 8051 microcontroller? If so, how difficult is it to interface the two and write the code for it?

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Depends on the type of LCD.

If its a HD44780 type LCD, its very easy.
You should be able to find sample code for getting one going with a 8051 around the net somewhere.

If its a serial LCD like the 632 or 634, you can either use the 8051s UART (if it has one), or use its I2C port (if it has one). If it doesnt have either, you can probably write a software I2C port.


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Sorry to bring this one out of the dead,

I've been trying for ages to send serial commands to communicate with a serial LCD (633) and I am just failing miserably. Does anyone have any code (asm or C (preferably)) that will communicate with this LCD display and not require too much code so it will fit on the 8051??


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Controlling LCD 2x16

There are plenty of uC that you can use to control a LCD. However you should have some uC background. If so, you may start trying the PC version (through the LPT port) and then use the same code in your uC architecture (of course it must be written in C). Try some examples looking in google. I'm planning to upload some code for controlling 2x16 standard LCD using Freescale S08QG8 uC, actually it's working but I have no time to do it (soon will be)

Good luck