Contrast and Backlight Auto Reset?


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I've got the 20x4 parallel lcd from you guys. When I go back into configure the lcd type, after i hit apply, it sets the backlight and contrast automatically. Can this be turned off? Also, I've had the program lose my module info several times in the last couple days and have had to reconfigure. Other than that, the program is terrific! I'm using version 0.92Found everything I want to display and more. Also, is there some reason that my LCD can't display the º sign? It just comes up as a thick right angle bracket. Thanks in advance. Oh yea, one more thing :), when I try to shut down my comp, It gives me about 15 error messages saying Priveledged Instruction, then after I close those and try again, it says Access
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CF Mark

Backlight and Contrast cant be set with a parallel LCD, only the 632, 633 and 634 CF modules.

Which LCD do you have?

As for the errors... the only thing that can be done is to close CC manualy before rebooting.