Consultant/Programmer Needed - Integration of Ramtex and CFAL9664

Hello All,

I just bought the Ramtex driver and was trying to integrate with CFAL9664. I am completely in over my head on this project and need help just getting of the ground. The project itself is a fairly simple we have a MCU from Atmel(mega128) and need to integrate with the CFAL9664 with a few screens. Anyone interested?
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So you have the Ramtex library that supports the SSD1332 controller chip, and the Atmega128, and presumably you will be programming in C or C++, right?

What about the hardware; is it a breadboard jury-rig for starters, or do you have a board fabricated to mount the CPU and display?

I'd suppose that designing "the screens", and coding them would be the hardest part. Static screens, or dynamic data updates?

Do you have any programming experience? What is it you need help with?