Connect Graphic LCD to LPT


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I bought a LCD from Ebay (Samsung 0150Z, I think around 320*240 Pixels). No I have to connect it to LPT, but how? I got the following description of the pins:

1 = YD = ???
2 = WF = ???
3 = LP = Latch Pulse ??? What is this?
4 = XSCL = ???
5 = at 10K Ohms to +5V Supply = poti for contrast?
6 = XD0 = the four data lines?
7 = XD1 = the four data lines?
8 = XD2 = the four data lines?
9 = XD3 = the four data lines?
10 = +5V Supply = red standart cable
11 = GND = black cable (mass)?
12 = XREF/VLCD = ???
13 = XREF/Contrast = ???
14 = Shield (connected to GND) = mass? (black cabel?)

pleeez help me! :)
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Can you make software to drive it? Otherwise you are gonna have a LOT of difficulty getting it to work...

-special [k]


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The problem is that unless the software you are using will supply you with information for your display controller, then you are, frankly, screwed. Not all character LCDs use the same controller chip (usually the HD44780) and even less graphic LCDs use one universal chip. Do you have a data sheet for the LCD? If so, you will be able to see which pins should be connected to the parallel port (IE ones that require digital IO) and the ones that should be connected to power or ground. After figuring out what lines you need to use, you will need to check the timing characteristics and write a program to control and send data to the LCD. A whole pants-load of work.

-special [k]