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Hey all!
This is my first post here, so I apologize for being a little green.
I've been looking for some new case mod related products for my business (obviously I build as well as repair PC's)
Anyway, I was making my way through some various mod sites and I found a link to a review about a CrystalFontz LCD screen and was very impressed as soon as I saw it.
After reading about all the different capabilities (Winamp, MBM, etc.) I was sold.
I've read through the site a few times and looked at the various models and I noticed that Graphic LCD's are in a separate section and aren't designed to be put in PC cases. I also noticed that the Serial and USB models that are designed for use with a PC are never shown with any other sort of graphic other than the CrystalFontz logo.
So, I'm wondering, what are the graphical capabilites of the 632 and 634 LCD screens?
I'm not looking for anything elaborate. however, it would be awesome if I could set them up to display a rough company logo or something similar when I include them in customers' PC's.
So, are simple graphics such as the CC logo shown on the products page possible or is that just for display (pardon the pun) purposes only?

Thanks in advance!
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The 632 & 634 have 8 "custom chatacters".

Each custom character is 6 dots wide by 8 dots high.

If you tile them horizontally, they touch. Put 8 horizontally and you get a 48x8 graphic window on the display.

The logo in our photos was done by tiling four on the top line and four directly below them. That is why there is a horizontal "gap" in the logo.


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Thanks for the quick and informative reply. Being able to define your own characters to create graphics like that is just what I was looking for.

I have another question there any work around to the 8 custom character limitation? Could you maybe edit the CGROM and modify characters that you know you don't need to your own custom characters in order to make a larger logo, etc.?

Thanks again. These LCD's are simply awesome