compatibility sed1565<>KS0713


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compatibility sed1565<>KS0713

According to anoher thread here someone said they are compatible (at least, he could use the code from the ks0713 with both chips.)

Is there anybody who can confirm this?
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The instruction sets are virtually identical, almost.

If I remember correctly, there is a difference in the Bias Set (0xA2/0xA3) command, where 0xA2 = 1/7, 0xA3 = 1/9 in the Samsung chip. In the Epson chip they are reversed.

Also, for the Samsung, depending on the setting of ADC select and Common output mode, there can be a column address offset of 4; i.e. the leftmost column is address 4. I'm not sure if this is always true since I haven't tried using all mode combinations.

My code offerings (posted on this forum) work for both controllers, excepting for #defines for the differences mentioned above.