Clear Screen code for 632 (16x2) LCD


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Well alrighty then, Great LCD's!

Ok, so I'm interfacing this LCD with a microcontroller (Motorola MC68HC11D3 to be exact) and just need to know what to send to clear the screen (or reset?)....

I see the command is \003, which stands for some decimal number command (i'm assuming), so would I send 0x03 as a character? or would I send "\003" as a whole string?!

Any help would be appreciated... thanks
-Frank Martens
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CF Tech

The \xxx indicates a decimal value of a single byte.

To clear the screen, use \012 (or 0x0C).

The \002 and \003 just "hide" and "restore" the display--a temporary blanking, but the memory contents do not change.