Clarion LCD Pixelline broken


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Hello Community,
my english is not so god, but i want to describe my problem.

Last week, while I'm starting to listen to the radio, i see, that a pixelline was broken. Clarion means, that a new display costs 200-250€ (180-220 Dollar).

In other car-hifi-forums I don't get any help.
Can someone help me, to repair these LCD?
Here some Pics, to describe my problem.

Nice day, René
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From the looks of it, that's a custom LCD - there appear to be several elements that aren't just pixels, but actual sybols and words (like MP3, Dolby Digital, etc).

If it's custom, that means it's highly unlikely you'll be able to buy a new display from anyone but Clarion or one of their distributors.

That said, if you are mechanically and electronically inclined, you might, and I stress might, be able to fix it, IF it is made with the same means as the LCDs I'm familiar with are.

On the displays my company uses for our products, the information for each pixel or pixel line is transferred to the LCD via a set of gold pads. When one line goes out, we can sometimes just tighten or adjust the mounting of the frame. If that doesn't work, we remove the LCD from its frame, carefully clean the pads, and then reassemble the LCD. This, however, isn't always 100% successful, and can sometimes make things worse. Of course, the LCDs we deal with cost us about $25 each, so trying this as a last ditch effort to get an LCD working isn't an expensive proposition. YMMV.

I definitely wouldn't attempt that without a backup plan - IE, don't try it if you aren't willing to accept the fact you could totally ruin it. Don't even consider it if the unit is still under any type of warranty, even if the display isn't. (I'm assuming it isn't, as you said Clarion wanted to charge you.)

The only other option I can suggest is possibly finding an identical used unit that you could "steal" the LCD from.

Good Luck,