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Characters messed up in LCDproc


New member
my 632 was amazingly easy to set up with LCDproc (latest = 0.41).

My only gripe is that some characters are not displaying correctly, most prominently the "inverse space" (all black pixels), which displays as "}"

I looked briefly at the driver source but did not see an obvious character table.

Any help would be appreciated!

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CF Tech

This issue recently came up on the LCDproc list, it is related to the v2.0 CGROM.

Guillaume Filion made these posts on the LCDproc mailing list:

>Eddie Sheldrake also provided a patch (attached to this email) for
>the CFontz.c driver. You just have to drop this file in place of the
>file at server/drivers/CFontz.c and recompile with make.
>We did not put it in the CVS since we did not figure out a way to
>make it work with both the 1.x and 2.x firmwares, yet.
> . . .
>Also, I put a copy of CFontz.c on my web site in case the
>attachment got corrupted (since I'm posting from a Mac):

I do not know much about the LCDproc/Linux setup, but apparently replacing that file should fix it.


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I have the same issue with my LCD. Lots of }}}} I am running lcdproc-0.4-pre9 and that update wouldn't compile. Same goes for 0.4.1.

Does anyone know which release the update works with?


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That CFontz.c file won't compile because there are some includes that are only in the latest release.

However, the latest CVS-0.4.3 works. The block characters are fine. BUT and it's a big BUT, the backlight doesn't work on 0.4.3 and in a dark server room it's somewhat essential!

I've gone back to 0.4.1 with the } characters because I can live with them but I can't live without the backlight.