Character contrast changes after Hybernating under XP


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Character contrast changes after Hibernating under XP


I have a Crystalfontz 632 display connected to COM2 and I'm using the CrystalControl 0.99 162 software release. Before I hibernate my XP machine (I do this all the time), the character contrast is set to 70% with a backlight brightness of 89%. The characters are very well readable and everything looks just fine.

After the computer is restarted (not a complete system restart, it's just restoring what had been hibernated before), the displayed characters are not very well readable anymore. Still there, but it looks like the contrast setting for the characters was reset to perhaps 60%, it's just a wild guess. But it has changed.

I can re-open CrystalControl and click on 'test settings' in the module configuration panel to fix this manually (I don't need to change the settings, I just have to click the button), but it's a little bit complicated to do. Any ideas how this could be fixed?

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CrystalControl doesnt reset the LCDs settings after hibernation/standby.
Will be fixed in the next version.