CFAP2002A-YJC-S oled 2*20, Is it dead?


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Hi all, I´ve resently bought the 2*20 pled/oled display from a shop in sweden(where I do live).actually I´ve bought two, one for me and one for my friend. But both of us screwed up while wireing it up(excuse my, proberly, bad english, please). Because of a bad schematic my friend "mirrored" the Lpt(paralell)contact, but I made proberly a more worse mistake. I shift the 5v and the ground, and it had voltage on in about 3 sec before I shut it down. That resulted in a little "melty" wire. That is the wire from pin 1 on de oled to the lpt-contact, BUT in the middle of this wire there is a potensiometer(I hope it´s called so in english) and the "1-pin" wire from the oled to the potensiometer seems unharmed, only the "1-pin" wire from the potensiometer down to the lpt-contact is harmed.

My question is, could someone of those displays still be used or should I assume that they are dead. My own display(that I´ve switch 5v grnd), I cant really get working, but I dont know if it is because of software-problems.

And for those who want to know, when I´ve shift the 5v and grnd, the displayed lit up.... :S

I´ve attached the used schematic or just use this link:
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Not till the fat lady sings... as it were

Alright, if it is one thing i have learnt while hacking LCD's it is that there are many things that can make a screen appear "dead". I would check your wiring connections first. Second i would attempt to use the screen on another computer. I was testing a homebrew lcd on a laptop and it appeared dead but then tested it on a desktop and it worked like a charm. Next i would use crystalcontrol to test the lcd, it supports most generic LCD chipsets. Then I would check your wiring again! Also check to see if the contrast is turned up on the screen!

If anyone dissagrees with what i have written feel free to post a msg, lets just help these guys out!



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Thanks man, but I´ve already tried the oled on different computers, with no success :(
And I know that the wiring is correct, I have made two cables and two different connection on the display. If I have understand right I should set the lpt-port on Epp in bios?, but there is two epp modes: epp 1,7 and epp 1.9?
But i have requested a new oled now, so it should be here tomorrow. Lets se then... I don´t mind two working oled, dogh :D

I´ve downloaded the (hopefully the right crystal... program)