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CFAP104212 connector question


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I couldn't find a better forum to post this in, but it's pretty close to product selection advice. Hopefully someone can help.

I have bought a few CFAP104212B00213 ePaper boards. I also got an 0.5mm FPC breakout board and some 24 pin FPC connectors. There are a ton of FPC connectors to choose from, though, and the one I got (Amphenol SFV24R-4STBE1HLF ) isn't quite right. Even though all the pins connect, the snap on the connector won't go in. It seems as if the connector expects notches in the cable for placement.

What connectors have been used successfully for the CFAP104212? Preferably, I would like a right-angle surface mount with top contacts.


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I did some research on the display FPC, and the Amphenol connector you chose, and can't see any obvious reason why they would not work together.

I can't find any info on the CFA site suggesting a compatible connector for that display, so maybe you should send a holler to tech support and ask them what they use on their breakout board.

I think they don't keep a close eye on the forum, so it might take a while for them to notice this thread.



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Thank you so much for taking a look and catching the problem! That seems to be the likely cause. I've ordered a few more of different models, and will report back how they work.