CFAH4002A-TFH-JP Datasheet inconsistency


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CFAH4002A-TFH-JP Datasheet inconsistency/question


first of all, thanks for the addition of the other 2 alternative 40x2 displays!

one question i have is regarding the CFAH4002A-TFH-JP datasheet - on section 1 it says its 6oclock, on section 3 it says 12oclock. Which is correct? Is there a 12oclock version?

Also, with the viewing angles, it says vertical is from 10->105 - does this mean CR>2 for 10 degrees below up to 105 degrees below? (i take it this would be hard, given if head on is 0 deg, then 105 would be behind display). Or is this saying 90 is head on, so its effectively -15 (ie 15 above) and 80 below?

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also, the picture shows a black "thing" outside the normal lcd black module bit on the right (the bit that is raised above the pcb) - u can see it beween the right two screwholes

however on the 1 to 1 .pdf file that shows the drawing specs of it, nothing is shown there (the black bezel is just a normal rectangle, without anything covering those A/K contacts

so is this something on the lcd, or a mistake in the picture?

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The datasheet has been corrected, and new drawings for the white LED backlit versions uploaded to the site. Please accept our apologies for the error in the datasheet, the module is 6:00 viewing angle, but can be acquired in a 12:00 viewing angle version (special order).


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thanks for that. the new dimensions show what i was talking about, but i dont think they say how high that little black led bit is? at a guess, its maybe 3mm below the height of the main black bezel? (if thats the case it should be fine for my enclosure)

what is minimum quantity for 12 oclock version?

and is the angle, 10->105deg, means 15 above and 80 below? would this be the other way around on a 12 oclock version?